Ace/Gamma Vo♦


Hey, it's Ace/Gamma.~ ♦

♦ Cis Female
♦ She/Her; They/Them
♦ 25 Years Old
♦ Virgo ♍ (Birthday: August 31st)
♦ Bisexual
♦ I'm self-insert trash.~ LOL.
♦ Taken IRL; taken by my lovely boyfriend Alex

I self-insert for fun and for my comfort.~ I'm a writer. All of my self-insert stuffs consist of ramblings and fanfiction.

List of Self-Inserts

I have countless self-inserts but I'm just gonna put my main ones here. The universal traits all self-inserts have are long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a height of 4'11". Exceptions are Hikari Nishikawa who has aqua blue eyes and partially dyed hair with an aqua ombre, and Selena Le with dyed midnight blue hair with a purple ombre, and aqua blue eyes. Additionally, with the exception of Princess Cindy (her birthday being July 19th), all self-inserts share the same birthday, August 31st.

Blood Blockade Battlefront
Ace Vo, Libra operative. She's the organization's one-man army. Has electricity powers and is an Eldritch Ghoul. In a relationship with Klaus Von Reinherz.

Blood Blockade Battlefront
Solana Vo, HLPD officer. Shy woman with fire powers. In a relationship with Daniel Law. Note: She's not related to Ace Vo.

Blood Blockade Battlefront
Selena Le, Libra operative. She's an Eldritch Ghoul like Ace and is her working partner. Has water powers. In a relationship with a girl named Nina (my boyfriend's OC) who's also in Libra.

My Hero Academia
Hikari Nishikawa, Pro Hero. Goes by the alias Firefly. Runs a radio show and is an idol. In a relationship with Sekijiro Kan.

My Hero Academia
Yurika Iwata, Pro Hero and staff member of UA High School. Secretly a vigilante. Goes by the alias Demetra. In a relationship with Toshinori Yagi.

My Hero Academia
Ace Vo, student of UA High School. In Class 1-A. In a relationship with Axel Yamamura (my boyfriend's self-insert).

Jujutsu Kaisen
Ace Vo, an energetic young woman. Came from the USA and moved to Japan. Has superhuman durability and can wield her cursed katana with great proficiency. Has a crush on Kento Nanami.

Super Mario
Princess Cindy, princess of Isle Delfino. Has water powers and possesses fish fins for ears. Has a crush on Waluigi.

Pokemon Shield
Ace, a Pokemon Trainer who apparently became the heroine of Galar. She settles down to become the Electric Gym Leader of the minor division. In a relationship with Psychic Gym Leader Avery.

Ace, a human modified to be a killer. She has excellent swordsman skills and won't hesitate to do what it takes to protect the weak. Known as the Mythical Blade. Travels with Vash the Stampede. In a relationship with Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

My Fictional Others ❤

F/OSeriesShip Name
Klaus Von ReinherzBlood Blockade BattlefrontKlauAce
Daniel LawBlood Blockade BattlefrontLawSol
Toshinori Yagi/All MightMy Hero AcademiaToshiYuri/EarthMight
Sekijiro Kan/Vlad KingMy Hero AcademiaSekiKari/VladLight
WaluigiSuper MarioWalindy
Jeff O'DonnellOCJeAce
Princess PeachSuper MarioCinPeach (Only F/O I ship my self-insert with in an AU setting.)
AveryPokemon Sword/ShieldElectroWaveShipping
Nicholas D. WolfwoodTrigunPunishingSword
Kento NanamiJujutsu KaisenNanaAce
Raiden Ei/ShogunGenshin ImpactEiBao
Arataki IttoGenshin ImpactIttoShin
Leo WhitefangGuilty GearLeoCici

Minor F/Os

MarioSuper Mario
LuigiSuper Mario
RosalinaSuper Mario
Beardo (Human AU)Animal Crossing
Chain SumeragiBlood Blockade Battlefront
Hizashi Yamada/Present MicMy Hero Academia
RaditzDragon Ball Z/Android EX
Future TrunksDragon Ball Z
Chairman RosePokemon Sword/Shield
GuzmaPokemon Sun/Moon
ArchiePokemon Ruby/Sapphire
MaxiePokemon Ruby/Sapphire
EldesPokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
ChromFire Emblem Awakening
Vash the StampedeTrigun
AmberGenshin Impact
KaeyaGenshin Impact
XiaoGenshin Impact
AlbedoGenshin Impact
Kamisato AyatoGenshin Impact
Jake SimmondsDoctor Who

F/Os with Fleeting Affections

StahlFire Emblem Awakening
GaiusFire Emblem Awakening
Lon'quFire Emblem Awakening
OliviaFire Emblem Awakening
RyomaFire Emblem Fates
XanderFire Emblem Fates
KazeFire Emblem Fates
SaizoFire Emblem Fates
KageroFire Emblem Fates
FeliciaFire Emblem Fates
OboroFire Emblem Fates
CamillaFire Emblem Fates
Fifth DoctorDoctor Who


Video Games
Super Mario
Mario Kart
Animal Crossing
Legend of Zelda (minor interest)
Kirby (minor interest)
Fire Emblem (minor interest; mainly FE:3H and Awakening)
Super Smash Brothers
Guilty Gear (mainly Strive; picking up Xrd in the future)
Crash Bandicoot
Genshin Impact
Among Us
Blood Blockade Battlefront
My Hero Academia
Jujutsu Kaisen
Dragon Ball Z
The Ancient Magus' Bride
Squid Girl
Saint Young Men
Sailor Moon
Pokémon (older seasons)
Castle Town Dandelion
Kill La Kill
One Punch Man
Azumanga Daioh (minor interest)
Lucky Star (minor interest)
Free! (minor interest)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Generator Rex
Adventure Time
Over the Garden Wall
The Owl House
Steven Universe
The Regular Show
Looney Tunes
Ed, Edd, n Eddy
Foster Home for Imaginary Friends
Code Lyoko
Scooby-Doo (minor interest)
The Powerpuff Girls (minor interest)
Ben 10 (minor interest)
Phineas & Ferb (minor interest)
Kids Next Door (minor interest)
The Amazing World of Gumball (minor interest)
Clarence (minor interest)
Anime Watchlist
Demon Slayer: KNY
Fullmetal Alchemist (+ Brotherhood)
Fire Force
Black Butler
One Week Friends
Space Battleship Yamato
Cartoon Watchlist
Infinity Train
Murphy's Law

Do Not Interact/Follow If:

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  • You're an aphobe and an ace exclusionist

  • You're racist

  • You're sexist (this goes both ways)

  • You normalize pedophilia and abuse

  • You support AnimeBroMii (Reasons are personal)

  • You hate on my f/os

  • You don't agree with the idea of aging up characters; seriously don't interact with me if you don't support that idea

  • You ship yourself or an OC with Avery from Pokemon Sword/Shield; he is the only main f/o I am not comfortable sharing and it's nothing personal if you do it but I ask you don't interact with me; I can make exceptions however if you want to be a fellow Avery stan with me so in that case, I really won't mind that. Just let me know personally

  • You hate Phil Parsons as Klaus Von Reinherz (Joking but for real, I don't wanna see any hate for the VA.)

  • You harass others for the "sake of justice"

  • You cause drama because you think it's fun

  • You participate in discourse actively

  • Note: If you feel like you're a person who would heavily disagree with me, I suggest you don't interact with me period

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